I request Tibetan citizenship


I symbolically request the Tibetan citizenship


More than 20000 signatures have been recorded on this site so far. Let's continue !

"Long live Tibet" : such is the hope of many among us.
Some of us have been taking part in actions in favor of Tibet for a long time. In spite of the impact that each campaign has created, to date we have not found the one which will clear up the dark skies which threaten the “Roof of the world“.

This action of request of the Tibetan nationality is purely symbolic. Difficult to concretely obtain this nationality for the moment ! The Tibetans themselves do not have it...

It remains however a very strong step to support Tibet, to which the international community cannot remain insensitive, nor the Chinese government!

We can hope that among the candidates for naturalization are personalities, artists and athletes taking part in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, even politicians supporting the Tibetan cause. And citizens like you !


Should you wish to take part in this action, you won’t have to renounce your own nationality. All you have to do is to register directly on this website, by filling the brief form.


This action can benefit to Tibet. We will inform you of the situation.
Making this movement a success is up to each of us.





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